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Download Epsilon 14.06 Update

Epsilon 14.06 is now available for beta testing. This update fixes a number of bugs and adds some minor new features since Epsilon 14.00. To install this software, you must have a copy of Epsilon 14.00 or later (retail, not evaluation) already installed on your computer.

The 14.06 updater is available in these formats:

Epsilon 14.06 for 64-bit Windows Use the updater matching your installation type.
No-admin installer for 64-bit Windows No-Admin installers install just for the current user, and don't require Admin rights to install.
Epsilon 14.06 for 32-bit Windows
No-admin installer for 32-bit Windows
Epsilon 14.06 for macOS Drag the updater application inside the disk image into your Applications folder, then run it. It will locate your previous version of Epsilon in that folder and use it to create an Epsilon 14.06 application.
For 64-bit Red Hat/Fedora Linux Also for other Linux distros that use .rpm files. Double-click the .rpm file to install, or follow the manual directions here.
For 32-bit Red Hat/Fedora Linux
For 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu Also for other Linux distros that use .deb files. Double-click the .deb file to install, or follow the manual directions here.
For 32-bit Debian/Ubuntu
Epsilon 14.06 for 64-bit FreeBSD Install the update the same way as your existing version, following the directions here.
Epsilon 14.06 for 32-bit FreeBSD

Once you've updated Epsilon, you may delete the update file you downloaded. On Windows the updater modifies your existing installation. On other platforms, it creates a separate installation, and the older version may be uninstalled at your convenience (by dragging the old app to the Trash, running dpkg -r, or running rpm -e, as appropriate). The above updaters include a revised online manual in HTML, Info, and (for Windows versions) WinHelp formats. The revised manual is also available in PDF format. (Note: The PDF and WinHelp versions remain at version 14.04 for now.)

Known Issues

Epsilon 14.06 contains a few new features and several bug fixes. Here we list changes since Epsilon 14.00. See the beta page for changes during the beta test.

New Features

14.05 Epsilon for Linux no longer has a dependency on the ncurses library. This lets Epsilon install properly on some recent OS versions that lack the required library in the version Epsilon required. Since the updaters above require a prior version to be installed, you may need to download the full 14.05 .deb from your private Epsilon download page using the link in our email.
14.05 The session-restore-exclude-file-types variable now recognizes the 8 bit to exclude files that use UNC syntax, like \\server\share\dir\file.
14.04 Epsilon for Windows now displays text in fixed-width columns by default, to address some remaining Windows display issues. The -ka256 flag may be used to enable the previous display method, which interprets combining characters and zero-width characters when displaying them on full-width windows.
14.04 In .json files, Epsilon now disables the display-definition feature to prevent slowdowns on large files.
14.04 The debug_log() primitive, added in Epsilon 14, is now documented.
14.03 The WinHelp version of Epsilon's help file now includes default values in its Variables chapter, same as other help formats.
14.03 Previously, Epsilon for Unix only checked the 16 and 32 bits in the preserve-filename-case variable only once at startup. Now it checks every time, so you can change these with immediate effect.
14.03 The macOS updater app now creates the new app in /Applications, not the folder containing the updater app. (If /Applications is not writable, it will fall back to using the folder containing the updater app.)
14.03 When installing links to binaries, the Unix installer now considers ~/.local/bin too.
14.02 When a buffer has been narrowed using the narrow-to-region command, the compare-files command now temporarily removes its narrowing. Also, when listing differences between individual pairs of files, the command also adds a line at the top saying if it removed such narrowing.
14.02 The default port number for Epsilon's documentation server, stored in the epsilon-manual-port variable, has changed (from 8888 to 7567) to reduce conflicts with other programs also using that port. Epsilon now records the port number so its Windows installer can unload the help server before updating, no matter what port number you select.
14.02 Epsilon's Linux and FreeBSD setup script now installs its icons just for the current user when invoked without sudo.
14.02 Epsilon now detects more PHP files correctly. Indenting issues at the start of a block of code were fixed. Epsilon now gets certain settings from the new reindent-php-comments variable in PHP code, instead of incorrectly using reindent-perl-comments, and documentation for both variables was corrected.
14.02 CSS coloring now understands more selector syntax, as well as rules like @media.
14.01 Under Windows 10, Epsilon no longer rejects attempts to use WinHelp (for example, by setting one of the epsilon-help-format- variables). (While Microsoft does not support WinHelp on Windows 10, and its own WinHelp installer refuses to install on Windows 10, it's still possible to get WinHelp installed and working.)
14.01 Epsilon for Unix's set-font command now displays the current font name when prompting for a font name, in addition to making it the default selection.
14.01 EEL code may now refer to the variables Closeback, Topindent, and Matchdelim as closeback, topindent, and matchdelim, for consistency with other variable names.

Bug Fixes

14.06 A missing license file was added, and a version number problem with the default state file on Windows was fixed.
14.05 Dired under Unix didn't handle directory lines correctly when the full-date bit in dired-layout was enabled.
14.05 The set-font command now excludes certain fonts that triggered an issue in XQuartz versions 2.8.2 to 2.8.4 on MacOS that caused any program selecting them to crash on M1 systems.
14.05 In PHP mode, Epsilon's support for the alternate : syntax for control structures caused bad indenting when using a coding style that puts braces on separate lines.
14.05 R mode syntax highlighting failed to color comments in certain cases.
14.04 Sometimes Epsilon would mistakenly indent the first line of an HTML, XML, or CSS file.
14.04 Auto-filling long comment lines in Shell mode often didn't work in 14.02 and 14.03.
14.04 In C# files, "class" wasn't highlighted as a keyword.
14.04 Epsilon for Windows couldn't access files via an scp:// URL when a Swedish keyboard was in use, due to a problem with subprocess keyboard handling of the tilde character.
14.04 The uninstall entry for the no-admin version of Epsilon for Windows didn't work right for users with a space in their user name.
14.03 When Epsilon displayed the current function's name in C++ code, additional identifiers adjacent to the class name could confuse it.
14.03 PHP mode did not indent comments correctly in some cases, and didn't auto-fill long indented comment lines that used a delimiter other than the one php-comment-style was set to use for inserting new comments.
14.03 Tagging didn't handle the JavaScript keyword "extends" correctly.
14.03 With certain fonts and font sizes, Epsilon 14 for Windows could misposition the caret on lines with many color changes.
14.03 The Epsilon 14 for Windows installer now corrects a registry issue that could keep Epsilon 13's uninstaller from launching.
14.03 The configure-epsilon command for Windows setup now creates file associations more reliably.
14.02 In diff buffers, the c and s keys to display the two buffers being compared (vertically or side-by-side) are no longer swapped.
14.02 Epsilon for Windows did not display characters in the range 128-159 correctly in the echo area.
14.02 Putting more than about 50 arguments on Epsilon's command line made it crash instead of displaying a "too many arguments" error.
14.02 When Epsilon indents in script blocks within HTML code (and in PHP mode), it now uses the correct indentation variable (such as php-indent) in more cases, instead of html-indent.
14.02 Perl coloring is now slightly better at guessing when << indicates a here document, not a left shift operator.
14.02 If a line in a command file starting with ~ (specifying a key binding) used invalid syntax, now Epsilon displays a suitable error message, instead of reporting an invalid EEL function call.
14.02 C mode could misindent following a case, label, or similar with a // comment after it.
14.02 Epsilon for Windows sometimes rejected the italic version of a font due to a fractional character width issue.
14.01b Various issues in the macOS updater script were fixed.
14.01 Some searching commands, when given an invalid regular expression search pattern, would report it was not found, instead of saying it was invalid.
14.01 In some Linux environments, Epsilon received spurious focus events when the Ctrl key was held down, resulting in incremental search exiting on keys like Ctrl-w, and other issues.
14.01 The push-cmd-unix-macos-interactive variable has a new default and the shell() primitive has a new flag SHELL_COPY_OUTPUT to address issues with the push command on Unix platforms.

Last Updated: 15 July 2024