Epsilon 14 Update Information

We released Epsilon 14 on 20 October 2020. This page tells how to update your copy of Epsilon to version 14. Place your update order now via our secure server, and we will email a link by the end of the next business day so you can download Epsilon from our website.

Order your update

Each copy of Epsilon 14 includes these operating system versions:

Epsilon for macOS.

Major new features in this release include 64-bit executables on all platforms, a new facility for comparing files and entire directory hierarchies in many different ways, environment variables (and more) in file names, new commands for source file navigation, highlighting of matching #if/#endif lines, enhancements for various language modes, updates to support recent OS versions, and much more.

Epsilon's complete manual is available in printable PDF format, in a web-based version you can read without a connection to the Internet, an Info version you can read within Epsilon, and on our web site. A printed manual is available separately.

Lugaru Wolf

To place your update order, you can use our secure server.

You can also update by printing out this order form and mailing it to us at the address at the bottom of the form. (We suggest that you avoid sending credit card numbers via e-mail, to prevent security problems.) Please include the serial number from your current copy of Epsilon, if known. You can also call us at +1 412 421-5911 to place your order. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

If you have any previous version of Epsilon, you can update to Epsilon 14 for $99.00. If you purchased Epsilon on or after 1 May 2020, you're entitled to a free update to Epsilon 14. Just include your serial number.

Send your update order to:
Lugaru Software Ltd.
1645 Shady Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217

Phone: +1 412 421-5911

Last Updated: 12 July 2021