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Brief Emulation  Commands by Topic   Variables

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CUA Keyboard

 CUA Binding  Epsilon Binding  Command Name
 Ctrl-a  Ctrl-x h  mark-whole-buffer
 Ctrl-c  Alt-w  copy-region
 Ctrl-f  Ctrl-s  incremental-search
 Ctrl-h  Alt-r  query-replace
 Ctrl-k ...  Ctrl-c ...  (prefix key: see below)
 Ctrl-n    new-file
 Ctrl-o  Ctrl-x Ctrl-f  find-file
 Ctrl-p  Alt-F9  print-buffer
 Ctrl-v  Ctrl-y  yank ("paste")
 Ctrl-w ...  Ctrl-x ...  (prefix key: see below)
 Ctrl-x  Ctrl-w  kill-region ("cut")
 Ctrl-z  F9  undo
 Alt-a  Ctrl-z  scroll-up
 Alt-z  Alt-z  scroll-down
 Alt-o  Ctrl-x h  mark-paragraph
 <Escape>  Ctrl-g  abort
 F3  Ctrl-s Ctrl-s  search-again
 <Home>  Ctrl-a  beginning-of-line
 <End>  Ctrl-e  end-of-line

In CUA emulation mode, Epsilon recognizes most of the key combinations commonly used in Windows programs. Other keys generally retain their usual Epsilon function.

To enable this emulation, press Alt-x, then type cua-keyboard and press <Enter>. Use Alt-x epsilon-keyboard <Enter> to return to Epsilon's default key assignments.

The table shows the CUA key combinations that differ from Epsilon's native (Emacs-style) key configuration. In addition, various Alt-letter key combinations not mentioned here invoke menu items (for example, Alt-f displays the File menu in CUA mode, though it doesn't in Epsilon's native configuration).

Many commands in Epsilon are two-key combinations starting with Ctrl-x or Ctrl-c. In CUA mode, use Ctrl-w instead of Ctrl-x, and Ctrl-k instead of Ctrl-c. For example, the command delete-blank-lines, normally on Ctrl-x Ctrl-o, is on Ctrl-w Ctrl-o in CUA emulation.

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Brief Emulation  Commands by Topic   Variables

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