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Search for a string as you type it.  Ctrl-s

Ctrl-q quotes the next character. Backspace cancels the last character. Ctrl-s repeats a forward search, and Ctrl-r repeats a backward search, or they change its direction. Ctrl-r or Ctrl-s with an empty search string brings back the search string from the previous search. Ctrl-o enables or disables incremental mode. Incremental mode searches as you type; non-incremental mode lets you edit the search string.

Ctrl-w enables or disables word searching, restricting matches to complete words. Ctrl-t enables or disables regular expression searching, in which the search string specifies a pattern (see regex-search for rules). Ctrl-c enables or disables case-folding. <Enter> or <Esc> exits the search, leaving point alone.

If Epsilon cannot find all the input string, it doesn't discard the portion it cannot find. You can delete it, discard it all with Ctrl-g, use Ctrl-r or Ctrl-s to search the other way, change modes, or exit from the search.

Press Alt-<Up> or Ctrl-Alt-p to select from a list of previous search strings. Press Alt-g to retrieve the last search string for the current buffer.

During incremental searching, if you type Control or Alt keys not mentioned above, Epsilon exits the search and executes the command bound to the key. During a non-incremental search, most Control and Alt keys edit the search string itself.

Quitting (with Ctrl-g) a successful search aborts the search and moves point back; quitting a failing search just discards the portion of the search string that Epsilon could not find.

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