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Download Epsilon 9.02 Update

Epsilon 9.02 is now available. This update fixes several bugs, listed below. To install this software, you must have a copy of Epsilon 9.0 or 9.01 already installed on your computer.

The updater is available in two forms:

Each update program will prompt for all necessary information, and perform the update in place. Once you've installed Epsilon, you may delete the update program.

Epsilon 9.02 contains several bug fixes and a few new features:

Bug Fixes

9.01 Epsilon for 95/NT crashed if it ever started using its own internal swapping mechanism. (This could happen if Windows ran out of swap space itself, or if the -m flag was used to explicitly limit Epsilon's memory usage.)
9.01 File names containing the characters , ; [ ] passed to Epsilon via file associations or the command line are no longer incorrectly interpreted as extended wildcard patterns and passed to dired. Use a native wildcard character like * or ? to force Epsilon to run dired on a file pattern sent from outside Epsilon.
9.01 The argument command (Ctrl-U or Alt-<digit>) no longer misinterprets certain keys like Shift-F7 as digits.
9.01 A dired file pattern like *. now matches files without extensions in Epsilon for Windows 95/NT, just as in other versions.
9.01 Confirmations and other Epsilon dialogs that contain only buttons (no editing windows) now correctly handle the default action. Previously, pressing <Enter> at these dialogs wouldn't necessarily be the same as pressing the button marked as the default.
9.01 The find_group() primitive misinterpreted its second parameter when searching in reverse and when its first parameter was nonzero. It now works as documented.
9.01 In the Find dialog, clicking the Case Fold button with the mouse now works.
9.01 Commands like bufed that list buffers no longer omit buffers after 32k buffers have been created in one session.
9.01 Narrowing a buffer no longer causes some syntax highlighting code to consume excess CPU time in certain cases.
9.01 The view-process command no longer leaves temporary buffers around when aborted in certain ways.
9.01 Certain text inserted in the process buffer is no longer miscolored as input when it is not.
9.01 Bufed's sort by access time is now more reliable.
9.01 Under NT, certain programs running in a process buffer could make Epsilon consume excess CPU time. This has been corrected.
9.01 Under NT, Epsilon didn't correctly sort environment variable names containing the characters [, ], \, or _.
9.01 Under NT, Epsilon couldn't use some clipboard formats like RTF.
9.01 Typing Ctrl-L Ctrl-L now does a more thorough job of repainting the entire window.
9.01 In Epsilon for Windows, holding down the Ctrl or Shift keys while selecting a menu item now provides the command with a prefix argument, as documented.
9.01 Subprocesses running in Epsilon for Windows under Windows 95 no longer have restrictions on their use of EMS/XMS memory.
9.01 A change in the make_backup() primitive makes file backups more reliable in certain network environments.
9.01 The message displayed when you try to abort file reading or writing is now truncated sensibly.
9.02 Certain successful Internet operations no longer cause Epsilon to write a debug log.
9.02 Some minor bugs in C-mode syntax highlighting were fixed.
9.02 If file backups were enabled and set to only back up a file the first time it was saved, the write-file and copy-to-file commands would sometimes fail to write the file.
9.02 When Epsilon uses passive ftp transfers, it no longer displays a spurious error message.
9.02 Retrieving ftp:// file names that contained the % character could cause Epsilon to crash.
9.02 Retrieving a binary file via http now removes headers properly.
9.02 Remote dired works for more VMS systems.
9.02 The keys Shift-<Insert> and Shift-<Delete> are now bindable in all environments.
9.02 Column-based sorting of lines over 100 characters didn't work right.
9.02 If Epsilon tried to write a debug log, a debug log already existed, and it was read-only, Epsilon would crash.
9.02 Epsilon's detection of endless recursion for EEL functions now works correctly.

New Features

9.01, 9.02 LaTeX mode now inserts appropriate commands for LaTeX 2e/LaTeX 3, instead of the commands for LaTeX 2.09, if you set the new variable latex-2e-or-3 nonzero.
9.01, 9.02 TeX/LaTeX highlighting is now much faster in certain cases.
9.01 The new -dde: flag modifies the DDE server name Epsilon uses. A flag like -dde:myserver tells Epsilon to register itself using the DDE server name myserver. Combined with the -add flag, it tells Epsilon to talk only to a prior copy of Epsilon using that same server name. This lets you run multiple instances of Epsilon and direct files to each one.
9.01 Retrieving an HTML document by typing an http:// URL to find-file now puts the document header in a separate "HTML Headers" buffer.
9.01 Reading or writing a file via an ftp:// URL now tries both passive and non-passive connection methods, to prevent problems with certain gateways.
9.01 The goto-tag command will now turn off narrowing in a buffer, if necessary, to reach a tag.
9.01 Macros and some other functions in Epsilon for 95/NT are now up to 50% faster, due to some changes in message loop logic.
9.01 If a file is in a buffer but a more recent version is on disk, grep will now prompt to read the new version.
9.01 The Windows-style file dialogs now include a filter for .java files.
9.01 When Epsilon for Windows exits and a subprocess is running, Epsilon tries harder to abort the subprocess.
9.01 The new EEL textual macro IS_EXT_ASCII_KEY() tells if a key represents an actual character or a character combined with the Alt modifier. It excludes non-character keys like function keys or arrow keys.
9.02 In TeX/LaTeX mode, the & column separator is now colored specially.
9.02 The new variable ftp-passive-transfers controls how Epsilon's ftp client transfers files. Epsilon knows two methods, called "passive" and "active", and normally tries them in that order. Firewalls or broken ftp server software can cause one or the other method to fail. Set ftp-passive-transfers to zero to disable passive transfers. Set it to two to make Epsilon try active transfers first, then passive. The default of one makes Epsilon try passive, then active.
9.02 A buffer that's being saved asynchronously via ftp now counts as a modified buffer.
9.02 An EEL when_process_input() function is now permitted to modify the process buffer and change user input before it's sent to the process.
9.02 The EEL compiler now diagnoses erroneous use of case or default statements outside a switch statement.

Last Updated: 1 October 2009