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Download Epsilon 11.06 Update

Epsilon 11.06 is now available. This update fixes several bugs and adds some minor new features. To install this software, you must have a copy of Epsilon 11.00 or later already installed on your computer.

The 11.06 updater is available in these formats:

Once you've updated Epsilon, you may delete the update file you downloaded.

The above Windows and Unix update files include a revised online manual in HTML, Info, and (for Windows versions) WinHelp formats. The revised manual is also available in PDF format.

Epsilon 11.06 contains a few new features and several bug fixes:

New Features

11.05 The new variable c-access-spec-offset lets you customize the indenting of public:, private:, and protected: access specifiers more finely.
11.05 Epsilon now uses Visual Basic mode for files with the .ctl or .dsr extensions.
11.04 Epsilon now understands new Visual Basic .NET keywords, and provides smarter indenting in all versions of Visual Basic and VBScript. The new compile-vbasic-cmd variable makes the compile-buffer command work in Visual Basic buffers. The new vbasic-indent-with-tabs variable lets you customize whether this mode indents with tabs or spaces.
11.04 Epsilon now uses an appropriate mode for files with the extensions .vb or .aspx (Visual Basic mode), .prx or .asx (HTML mode), or .ksh (shell mode). It also knows to use GAMS, Makefile, or shell mode in certain new situations, based on a file's name or contents.
11.04 The indent-rigidly command now works properly on rectangular and line-based regions. So does pressing Tab or Shift-Tab with a highlighted region.
11.04 The view-web-site command now offers an appropriate URL default more often, and handles longer URL's.
11.04 The new grep-show-absolute-path variable lets you customize whether grep displays relative or absolute paths.
11.04 The new variables kill-rectangle-removes and mark-rectangle-expands let you customize how certain rectangle commands work.
11.04 The grep-default-directory variable now recognizes a new preference option that makes the grep and file-query-replace commands always reinterpret any relative file pattern based on the current buffer's directory.
11.03 The new variable c-align-open-paren helps support a C mode style where parentheses appear on their own lines.
In Epsilon for Windows, set the new dired-24-hour-time variable to make dired use 24-hour time format instead of AM/PM. In version 11.02, Epsilon for Windows follows system settings by default, instead of assuming AM/PM.
11.02 The resume-client command is now bound to Ctrl-C #.
11.01 In 32-bit Windows versions, the current directory may now be a network path.
11.01 Set the process-warn-on-exit variable to 2 if you want Epsilon to warn that there's an active process when you try to exit and ask for confirmation before exiting. The value 1 makes Epsilon ask the process to exit and abort if it doesn't; 0 makes Epsilon exit regardless of any active process.
11.01 When Epsilon for Windows starts a process, it initializes the process with its own current directory setting for each local drive. By default it doesn't do the same for network or removable drives to avoid delays. Set the new variable process-pass-drive-directories to 1 or 2 to make Epsilon pass current directory info for network or removable drives, respectively, or 3 for both types.
11.01 Epsilon now indents slightly differently in Python mode. One change is that Epsilon indents to a previous line that starts with a comment instead of skipping over such lines. A new variable python-indent-to-comment lets you restore that aspect of the previous behavior.

Bug Fixes

11.06 Epsilon avoids triggering a shared NSS library incompatibility in some recent Linux distributions by using an NSS helper program.
11.05b The Windows updater is no longer incompatible with certain drivers under Windows 2000.
11.05 C++ tagging now handles the syntax of certain more complicated class definitions.
11.05 Undoing movements now works in read-only buffers again.
11.05 Under Windows 2000, Epsilon didn't restore its window as maximized when appropriate.
11.05 Replacing commands once again use a highlighted region as the default search string.
11.05 The Replace dialog under Windows now works properly in buffers with certain types of syntax coloring logic.
11.05 Under X, Epsilon would on rare occasions refuse to start without a -geometry flag.
11.04 Highlighting a rectangular region and then yanking a rectangle to replace it now works more sensibly.
11.04 Epsilon for Windows would sometimes see a single press of <Enter> as two presses, if it closed a dialog box at just the right time.
11.04 The Win32 console version now interprets the key combination Ctrl+Hyphen as Ctrl-Underscore on some keyboards.
11.04 The delay() primitive didn't work properly in the Unix console version.
11.04 Selecting text by using Shift with the numeric keypad didn't work right.
11.04 C mode indenting didn't work right sometimes when the c-top-braces variable was nonzero.
11.04 The pull-word command works better when it's called from another command.
11.04 The eval command handles expressions using the % character better, and works better when Epsilon is installed in an unusual way.
11.04 C++ tagging handles =0 syntax better.
11.04 The Sendeps helper program now works properly when one of its customization settings is defined as an empty string. A bug that could cause a delay if it was called with flags but no file name was also fixed.
11.04 A minor bug in shell mode highlighting was fixed.
11.03 Process history features now interact properly with typeahead.
11.03 A bug involving very long mode lines was fixed.
11.03 Epsilon for Unix didn't handle some accented character functions properly.
11.03 Some problems with using .bsc files for tagging were corrected.
11.03 An installer problem in version 11.02 under Windows 95/98/ME was corrected.
11.02 Some memory and resource leaks were fixed.
11.02 The mention-delay variable now works as documented under Unix.
11.02 Epsilon for Windows now uses a 32-bit installer, for greater compatibility with some recent versions of Windows. A 16-bit installer for Windows 3.1 installations is available separately.
11.02 Epsilon for Unix recognizes a few new key combinations when it runs as a terminal program.
11.02 Some FTP progress messages failed to appear when reloading a file.
11.02 HTML indenting works better in certain cases.
11.02 When hex mode asks for confirmation to apply changes, aborting now works properly.
11.01 A Perl here-document with embedded HTML wasn't colored correctly; other Perl mode bugs were fixed too.
11.01 Query-replace skipped over the next match if you used the ^ or Ctrl-R subcommands.
11.01 Perl tagging didn't separate declarations from definitions according to the tag-declarations variable.
11.01 Incremental searching in word mode produced a spurious message.
11.01 In Visual Basic mode, some If statements caused misindenting.
11.01 Bugs in handling EEL global arrays over 32 KB were fixed.
11.01 Saving a file via ftp could sometimes leave its buffer marked as saved even if an error prevented saving the file.
11.01 Displaying a buffer that contained thousands of color changes on a single line in horizontal scroll mode could make Epsilon crash.
11.01 When Epsilon for Unix ran as a text program, not an X program, it misinterpreted the codes for Alt-Function keys (in those environments that support them).
11.01 Newly created prefix key tables didn't correctly handle mouse and similar event codes.
11.01 Epsilon for Windows could miss specific Control keys under certain rare circumstances.
11.01 EEL definitions of new color classes could apply colors incorrectly when the EEL file was compiled with the -e compiler flag.
11.01 Under X, Epsilon could incorrectly create its window on a different desktop, or abort with an Xlib message at startup, under certain rare circumstances.
11.01 Epsilon for Unix now exits as expected when it receives a SIGHUP signal and it's running as a terminal program.

Last Updated: 1 October 2009