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Download Epsilon 10.03 Update

Epsilon 10.03 is now available. This update fixes several bugs and adds some minor new features. To install this software, you must have a copy of Epsilon 10.00 or later already installed on your computer.

The 10.03 updater is available in these formats:

Once you've updated Epsilon, you may delete the update file you downloaded.

The above Windows and Unix update files include a revised online manual in HTML, Info, and (for Windows versions) WinHelp formats. The revised manual is also available in PDF format.

Epsilon 10.03 contains a few new features and several bug fixes:

New Features

10.03 The grep command reports how many files it skipped due to the grep-ignore-file-extensions variable.
10.03 A new -nologo flag suppresses Epsilon's startup greeting.
10.02 In file patterns, Epsilon normally treats all of the characters []{},; as wildcard characters, except when you surround a file name with "" characters. You can set the new file-pattern-wildcards variable to force Epsilon to always treat each of these characters literally.
10.02 In TeX mode, text delimited by \[ \] now uses the tex-display-math color, not tex-math.
10.02 An ftp url may now use a % escape sequence to hex-encode those characters that have another meaning in url syntax. This is necessary if your user name or password contains a character like : or /.
10.02 Epsilon for Unix now includes a set of icons for use in window manager menus, in the icons subdirectory.
10.02 Epsilon no longer adds extra indentation as the result of an 'extern "C" {' line. The new variable c-indent-after-extern-c controls this.
10.01 Epsilon can now recognize PostScript files based on their first line, regardless of their extension. It now recognizes .eps as a PostScript extension too. PostScript coloring now understands that - is a valid character in identifiers.
10.01 GAMS coloring includes more keywords.
10.01 The find-linked-file command on Ctrl-X Ctrl-L now looks in more places for C files, recognizes special rules for EEL, and handles the Java syntax "import java.util.*" by issuing a dired on the specified directory.
10.01 Epsilon for Unix now omits its startup greeting message when run in the background.
10.01 The new variable cygwin-filenames makes Epsilon for Windows recognize file names in the format //c/windows/file (instead of c:\windows\file) in directory-change messages. This format is used by some Cygwin programs, in particular Gnu Make.
10.01 The new color class tex-display-math lets you easily customize TeX mode so display math uses a different color from other math.
10.01 The new color classes viewed-gui-text and dialog-gui-text let you customize the colors that GUI versions of Epsilon use for certain dialogs.
10.01 The new position_window_on_screen_line variable lets EEL control how Epsilon redisplay positions a window when it discovers point is offscreen.
10.01 The draw-column-marker variable in Epsilon for Windows has been replaced by the draw-column-markers variable (plural); now multiple column markers may be set.
10.01 Epsilon's method of scrolling the process buffer so output appears near the bottom of the window now applies to all windows, not just the current one.
10.01 Setting the tab size now also prompts for setting any mode-specific override variable.
10.01 In the write-state command, completion now displays only .sta files.
10.01 Epsilon can now go through a proxy when retrieving web pages via an http:// URL. Set three new variables starting with http-proxy- to do this.
10.01 The new variable soft-tab-size lets you more conveniently make certain generic indenting commands indent by a value other than the current tab size.
10.01 The Ctrl-<Space> key now generates a Ctrl-@ character in the Win32 Console version.
10.01 Epsilon avoids triggering a bug in DevStudio's ClassWizard by saving files without committing them to disk first.
10.01 Setting the variable clipboard-access to 2 now tells Epsilon to use the clipboard even inside keyboard macros.
10.01 The start-process command with a numeric argument now starts an additional process buffer (in Epsilon for Unix, which supports multiple process buffers).
10.01 In Info mode, the Up command now tries to position to the appropriate place in a menu.
10.01 Epsilon starts faster under Windows 2000.

Bug Fixes

10.03 Clicking in an empty buffer no longer crashes Epsilon for FreeBSD.
10.03 The -quickup flag no longer fails sometimes due to autoloaded files.
10.03 Under Unix, if a process running in a concurrent process buffer outputted the control character 0x1f, Epsilon could hang.
10.03 Displaying the current C++ function name no longer gets confused by the operator> syntax.
10.03 Extremely long syntax highlighted and horizontally scrolled lines no longer crash Epsilon.
10.03 A concurrent process under Unix now runs with its TERM environment variable set to "dumb", to avoid prompt mangling by some system-wide shell initialization scripts.
10.03 Attempting to change the current directory to a UNC path under Windows no longer crashes Epsilon.
10.03 The -help flag now works properly in Unix.
10.03 Under X, Epsilon uses new initialization logic that lets it show status messages sooner while starting.
10.03 A screen refresh bug was fixed that made Epsilon sometimes fail to blank lines after using the build_window() primitive.
10.03 Under Unix in curses mode, the buf_pipe_text() primitive no longer returns as soon as you press a key.
10.02 Epsilon now works better with file names containing wildcard characters like braces or brackets.
10.02 The lines_between() primitive had a bug that caused Epsilon to misreport some line counts after deletions.
10.02 Under X, Epsilon for Unix sometimes displayed its blinking cursor using the wrong colors.
10.02 A bug introduced in version 10.01 that caused Ctrl-C to stop working in a telnet buffer has been fixed.
10.02 In HTML mode, coloring of <% %> and <? ?> blocks was confused by a > character within the block.
Epsilon for Windows 2000 now correctly handles accented characters in process input or output, adjusting for character set differences.
10.02 In version 10.01, the EEL compiler failed to respond to an EEL syntax error by returning a suitable exit code or deleting the faulty .b file it was writing.
10.02 The -quickup procedure in 10.01 incorrectly recorded absolute pathnames for autoloaded functions. This caused problems if the referenced files were relocated, even when EPSPATH was updated with the new location.
10.02 Uninstalling Epsilon didn't work in Windows 3.1.
10.02 The EEL compiler failed to report certain incompatible variable redeclarations.
10.02 The EEL compiler sometimes miscomputed offsets of structure members nested within other structures.
10.01 The commands copy-to-file, revert-file, and visit-file are no longer confused by buffers created by the new-file command.
10.01 Info mode now works with older Info file indirection rules.
10.01 Paging in read-only files is more robust.
10.01 Epsilon for Windows now remembers the restored size of a maximized window from session to session.
10.01 The EEL compiler now stops after diagnosing a parse error, to prevent additional spurious errors.
10.01 In Epsilon for Unix, providing more than 20 command line parameters no longer confuses Epsilon.
10.01 Printing without a prompt in Epsilon for Windows now works when repeated.
10.01 Epsilon for Windows could fail to expand short file names to their long form if they used a short-name format of CD-ROM's.
10.01 The display-definition feature no longer has trouble with very long function or class names, and it's no longer confused by Java's "throws" keyword, or by C++ multiple inheritance.
10.01 When the buffer was narrowed, syntax highlighting could cause Epsilon to never become idle.
10.01 A bug in completion affected tags, causing completion to discard part of the typed name instead of adding to it.
10.01 Printing from dired now avoids prompting when given a numeric argument.
10.01 The quick dired command on Alt-o now recognizes the help key, and provides a better message.
10.01 Dired in non-Unix versions no longer gets confused if the first file's date is unrecognizable.
10.01 While Epsilon for Windows is warning about a file modified on disk, files sent to it via drag and drop are ignored instead of causing problems.
10.01 URL's that start with telnet:// now work again.
10.01 The fill-paragraph command filled incorrectly when the paragraph's first line was indented.
10.01 HTML mode now recognizes CDATA syntax to support XML files.
10.01 Perl bracket matching no longer gets confused by the $[ variable. Some bugs in Perl coloring were fixed.
10.01 Tagging no longer gets confused by an enum declaration without a tag.
10.01 The list-definitions command uses a different colored border, and copies tab size settings from the original buffer.
10.01 TeX mode now understands the \usepackage command in various places.
10.01 Coloring for makefiles now understands preprocessor directives that are continued onto multiple lines.
10.01 The count-lines command uses more sensible rules for partial lines.
10.01 The next-error command recognizes some additional error message formats, and ignores some lines from the gcc compiler that look like errors but aren't.
10.01 A bug in C indenting was fixed.
10.01 Auto-filling now works after switching from C mode back to Fundamental mode.
10.01 Dired in non-Unix versions of Epsilon uses better formatting for files of over 999,999,999 bytes.
10.01 Epsilon for Windows displayed the wrong error message text sometimes.

Last Updated: 1 October 2009