Here are a few recent unsolicited testimonials we've received.

"Thanks again for all your years of providing one of my favorite programming tools and certainly the one with the greatest longevity!"
- Jon Newbill, Bitworks Systems Inc., February 14 2013

"I just wanted to tell you that if I had to work without Epsilon, I would just have to quit programming."
- Mark Sidell, Forte, Inc., March 11 2013

"I've been a fan of epsilon for a very long time. Thanks for epsilon!"
- Basil Gunn, NW Digit Radio, April 22 2013

"I've been using Epsilon for years. After all this time (over a decade, I think), Epsilon still remains a core part of my development toolkit. I just wanted to thank you for all the years of excellent use I've gotten out of your product!"
- Ken de Montigny, Consultant, 19 September 2013

"Epsilon is without a doubt the best, most reliable, most consistent, and longest-lasting tool in my arsenal. I've used it on OS/2, DOS, Windows, and now Linux. Even with that consistency, Epsilon still provides new features and functions to support my every programming and text editing need. Yes, I could have my choice of at least a dozen good, free editors, but I continue to purchase / use / upgrade Epsilon because I know I can *always* count on the power it brings to every session. Even the User Guide is exceptional. When I have an important task to perform - a daily occurrence - Epsilon is always ready, fast and flexible to meet any need. No other tool comes close."
- John Drabik, Chief Engineer at One of the Three Largest Software Companies in the World, 28 September 2013

Last Updated: 30 September 2013