Lugaru Wolf

New in Epsilon 9.0

Epsilon 9.0 was released on 15 October 1997. This document shows some of the features we added in that version. You can also see the features we added in other versions. Here's how to order your update.

This release includes a 32-bit native Windows executable for Windows 95 and Windows NT, a 16-bit Windows version designed for Windows 3.1, and an updated DOS version of Epsilon. All versions share most customization files.

New Features

Some features are only available under certain operating system versions of Epsilon. WIN indicates a feature is available in both the 16-bit and 32-bit Windows versions of Epsilon. WIN32 indicates a feature is only available under Windows NT or Windows 95.

Edit remote directories.

Modes for HTML and TeX.

Highlight matching delimiters.

There are also many other minor improvements throughout the editor.

Here's how to order your update.

Last Updated: 1 October 2009