New in Epsilon 7.0

We released Epsilon 7.0 in January 1995. This document shows some of the features we added in that version. You can also see the features we added in other versions. Here's how to order your update.

Main Attractions

Syntax Highlighting at work.

Syntax Highlighting for C/C++/EEL.

Epsilon's code coloring makes it easier to read and understand your source code by displaying comments in one color, function names in another, strings in a third, and so forth. It's easy to select new color combinations (or pick one of several included right out of the box). You can even customize Epsilon's syntax rules, teaching it to color other kinds of text.

Epsilon's command history.

Command History.

Recall previous responses at any prompt. Epsilon even saves responses from session to session. Or pull in text from the buffer at any prompt. See a file name in the buffer? Now it's even easier to take a look at that file--no retyping!

Extended file patterns.

One file pattern can include multiple wildcarded file names, multiple drives, recursive directory searching, and more. The new patterns work everywhere: in grep, in dired, on the command line--anywhere it makes sense.

New Commands.

Display Improvements.

Still More Features.

Here's how to order your update.

Epsilon: Put it to work for you.

Last Updated: 1 October 2009