New in Epsilon 6.0

We released Epsilon 6.0 in July 1992. This document shows some of the features we added in that version. You can also see the features we added in other versions. Here's how to order your update.

Main Attractions

Epsilon highlights selected text.


Epsilon can highlight screen regions by displaying them in a different color.

Pop-up Windows at Work.

Pop-up Windows

Epsilon now uses pop-up windows in several contexts; for example, when you press ? during completion, or when you bring up a list of buffers.

Multi-file Searching

You get an incredibly handy grep command that lets you search for a pattern across a set of files. You provide the search string and the file spec, then Epsilon uses its lightning-fast search facility to gather a list of lines that contain matches. You can instantly jump to any of the matches, literally at the touch of a key. This facility is totally integrated into Epsilon's powerful search system. Best of all, it's really fast--faster than many stand-alone "grep" programs.

Session Restoring

Epsilon now automatically preserves your editing session: it remembers which files you edited the last time you ran Epsilon, and the position of all windows on your screen. You can pop out of the editor, then get right back in and pick up where you left off--no need to reload the files you were working on, because Epsilon will do it for you. It remembers your window configuration and search strings too (among other things).

Bookmarks in action.


New bookmark commands make it easy to return to a previous position. Set permanent and temporary bookmarks. Cycle through bookmarks, or jump to a bookmark by name. You can even pop up a list of the bookmarks (along with copies of the lines containing the bookmarks), then pick one right off the list.

System Enhancements

File Enhancements

Display Enhancements

EEL Enhancements

Here's how to order your update.

Epsilon: Put it to work for you.

Last Updated: 1 October 2009