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ftp-compatible-dirs: preference variable

Default value: 0x2

Bits in this variable make Epsilon's FTP features compatible with certain less common FTP servers.

When Epsilon uses FTP to access files on a host computer, it normally assumes that the directory conventions of the host computer are similar to those for Unix, Windows, DOS, and OS/2. Some computers (notably some VMS systems) use different rules for directories. A value of 0x1 makes Epsilon access remote directories in a way that's slower, but works on more systems.

Recent FTP servers often omit hidden files (those that start with a . character) from file listings unless Epsilon uses a special flag. But some older FTP servers don't recognize the flag. Setting the 0x2 bit in ftp-compatible-dirs makes Epsilon omit the flag, for greater compatibility with older FTP servers. This is the default. Turn off this bit to include hidden files in file listings, when permitted by the dired-show-dotfiles variable and dired's - subcommand.

The 0x4 bit prevents Epsilon from automatically detecting when an ftp:// URL that doesn't end in a / character (and thus looks like a file name, not a directory) is actually the name of a directory. This is useful when accessing files on certain mainframe systems where auto-detection isn't supported. It may also be useful when your connection to the host is very slow. With this option, whenever you type a directory name, you must either end it with a / character to indicate it's a directory, or use the dired command instead of one of the other file-reading commands.

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ftp-ascii-transfers  Variable Reference   ftp-passive-transfers

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