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External Links

This page lists some external sites that may be of interest to Epsilon users. Lugaru doesn't control what's on these sites.

Unicode Fonts for X11

This page provides X11 fonts that use the Unicode/ISO 10646-1 character set. This page offers another font for X11 with many Unicode characters.

Some Linux distributions include a more convenient way to install suitable Unicode fonts. For instance, with Debian you can install the unifont package.

Unicode Fonts for Windows

This page lists fonts for Windows that use the Unicode/ISO 10646-1 character set.

Monospaced Fonts

This page reviews various monospaced fonts for Windows.

Microsoft Browser Toolkits

Under Windows, Epsilon's tagging commands can use the browser database files (.bsc files) generated by older versions of Microsoft's compilers. Epsilon requires a Microsoft browser toolkit DLL to do this. For Epsilon 13 and later, use the Alt-x configure-epsilon command and select the option to install the source code browser support file; it will automatically download and install the necessary file. Users of Visual Studio 2010 and later will need to enable creating .bsc files in Visual Studio to use this feature.

Last Updated: 20 April 2020