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Epsilon has a variety of features to make programming tasks easier:

o Epsilon's sophisticated C/C++/Java/Perl indenting recognizes keywords and language constructs, automatically indenting to the right level (and making it easy to spot a misplaced brace). Epsilon can indent for various other languages too.
o Smart paste automatically reindents code as you move it from place to place.
o Epsilon has commands to move forward or back by parentheses, square brackets, or #if/#endif pairs. All these commands understand nesting rules and skip over nested pairs.
o Epsilon for Windows connects to the Microsoft Developer Network's Development Library CD-ROM and to WinHelp files, so you can quickly look up a keyword or the parameters for an API call.
o Epsilon's concurrent process buffer lets you run command-line programs interactively in an Epsilon buffer, so you can use the full power of Epsilon to prepare input or modify output.
o Compile from Epsilon, and the editor will intercept your compiler's error messages. Instantly jump to any syntax errors with the touch of a key.
Epsilon's Concurrent Process Buffer.
o Customizable syntax highlighting for C, C++, Java, Perl, HTML, TeX, and many other languages makes your code easier to read. Plus Epsilon automatically highlights matching delimiters when you move to them, making it easy to read complicated parenthesized expressions.
o Type an ftp file name at a file prompt and Epsilon will asynchronously retrieve the file via ftp from any computer on the Internet. Also edit remote directories using dired, save files, run a Telnet session, retrieve the HTML text of web pages, and more.

Sometimes programmers need to look at unusual files: binary files, very big files, odd data files. Epsilon was designed without the limits of other editors, so it can handle these kinds of jobs, as well as ordinary files. For example, with Epsilon, lines can be as long as you like. That's important when you're editing unusual text. Many other editors have a maximum line length of 256 or 512 characters, and can't edit any files with longer lines. Or they always strip null characters or line terminating characters when you load a file.

With Epsilon, you don't have to switch to another editor when you've got unusual editing tasks: Epsilon can handle them. Epsilon automatically recognizes binary files, Mac files, and Unix files. You can even use Epsilon to edit executable files. And Epsilon can either horizontally scroll long lines or wrap them for display purposes--that's important when you edit a big file that's all on one line. Many other editors only have horizontal scrolling.

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Last Updated: 1 October 2009