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Command History

Epsilon maintains a list of your previous responses to all prompts. To select a prompt from the list, press the Alt-<Up> key or Alt-Ctrl-p. Then use the arrow keys or the mouse to choose a previous response, and press <Enter>. If you want to edit the response first, press Alt-e.

For example, when you use the grep command to search in files for a pattern, you can press Alt-<Up> to see a list of file patterns you've used before. If the pattern \windows\system\*.inf appeared on the list, you could position the cursor on it and then press Alt-e. Epsilon would copy the pattern out of the list so you can edit it, perhaps replacing *.inf with *.ini. Both patterns would then appear in the history list next time. Or you could just press <Enter> in the list of previous responses to use the same pattern.

You can also use Alt-e at any prompt to retrieve the last response without showing a list of responses first. For example, Ctrl-x Ctrl-f Alt-e will insert the full name of the last file you edited with the find-file command.

Except in certain searching commands, you can press <Up> or Ctrl-p instead of Alt-<Up> key or Alt-Ctrl-p. These normally behave the same, but you can set the recall-prior-response-options variable to make the non-Alt versions of the keys select older command history responses without displaying a list of all of them.

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