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Epsilon's bookmark commands let you store the current editing position, so that you can easily return to it later. To drop a bookmark at point, use the Alt-/ key. For each bookmark, Epsilon remembers the buffer and the place within that buffer. Later, when you want to jump to that place, press Alt-j. Epsilon remembers the last 10 bookmarks that you set with Alt-/. To cycle through the last 10 bookmarks, you can press Alt-j and keep pressing it until you arrive at the desired bookmark.

The tagging commands set a bookmark automatically before they move to a new location. You can set the set-bookmark-automatically variable to 1 if you want searching commands to do the same.

You can set a named bookmark with the Ctrl-x / key. The command prompts you for a letter, then associates the current buffer and position with that letter. To jump to a named bookmark, use the Ctrl-x j key. It prompts you for the letter, then jumps to that bookmark.

Instead of a letter, you can specify a digit (0 to 9). In that case, the number refers to one of the temporary bookmarks that you set with the Alt-/ key. Zero refers to the last temporary bookmark, 1 to the one before that, and so on.

Whenever one of these commands asks you to specify a character for a bookmark, you can get a list by pressing "?". Epsilon then pops up a list of the bookmarks you've defined, along with a copy of the line that contains the bookmark. You can simply move to one of the lines and press <Enter> to select that bookmark. In a list of bookmarks, press D to delete the highlighted bookmark.

The command list-bookmarks works like the Ctrl-x j key, but automatically pops up the list of bookmarks to choose from. If you like, you can bind it to Ctrl-x j to get that behavior.

Standard bindings:

  Alt-/  set-bookmark
 Alt-j  jump-to-last-bookmark
 Ctrl-x /  set-named-bookmark
 Ctrl-x j  jump-to-named-bookmark

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Searching Multiple Files  Commands by Topic   Tags

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