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telnet-interpret-output: preference variable

Default value: 0xfef

In a Telnet buffer, Epsilon can look for certain escape sequences and cursor positioning, and interpret them, translating them into coloring for instance. Bits in this variable say which sorts of sequences to look for; add them to select the rules you want.

The value 0x1 makes Epsilon look for underlining that uses backspacing, such as _ Ctrl-h k to produce an underlined K; this is common in man pages and similar.

The value 0x2 makes Epsilon look for bare Ctrl-m characters used to indicate overtyping and remove the text to be overwritten. Some progress messages use this technique.

The value 0x4 makes Epsilon look for ANSI escape sequences that generate colors. Epsilon only recognizes certain patterns of escape sequences that color specific sections of output.

The value 0x8 makes Epsilon look for some uses of backspacing to produce bold characters.

If you've scrolled back in the buffer, Epsilon can jump to the end of the buffer whenever new output from the remote system arrives to show you the new output. Set the 0x10 bit to enable this.

The value 0x20 makes Epsilon delete any NUL characters or characters with ASCII code 1 from telnet output.

The value 0x40 makes Epsilon delete certain sequences defined for the xterm terminal emulator.

The value 0x80 makes Epsilon look for certain uses of backspacing to overwrite text with new text.

The value 0x100 makes Epsilon interpret Unicode UTF-8 encoding in the output.

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