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Python Mode

Epsilon automatically enters Python mode when you read a file with an extension of .py or .jy. In Python mode, Epsilon does appropriate syntax highlighting. Tagging, comment filling, and other commenting commands are also available. Auto-indenting adds an extra level of indentation after a line ending with ":", a continuation line, or one with an open delimiter, and repeats the previous indentation otherwise.

Set the python-indent variable to alter the level of indentation Epsilon uses. Tab widths in Python files are normally set to 8, as required by Python language syntax rules, but you can set the python-tab-override variable to change this, or python-indent-with-tabs to change whether Python mode uses tabs for indenting, not purely spaces.

Pressing <Backspace> to delete a space can delete multiple spaces, as specified by the python-delete-hacking-tabs variable.

When the cursor is on a brace, bracket, or parenthesis, Epsilon will try to locate its matching brace, bracket, or parenthesis, and highlight them both. If the current character has no match, Epsilon will not highlight it. Set the variable auto-show-python-delimiters to zero to disable this feature.

Set compile-python-cmd to modify the command line used by the compile-buffer command for Python buffer. Set python-language-level to change the list of keywords for syntax highlighting.

Standard bindings:


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