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Download Epsilon 14 Beta 3

Epsilon 14 Beta 3 is now available for beta testing. This update adds 64-bit executables, directory comparison, and many other features. Changes since Epsilon 13 are listed here. Changes since the first beta version are below. This beta version expires September 1 2020. Read about moving your customizations to the new version here.

Epsilon 14 Beta 3 is available in these formats:

To install from a .tar.bz2 file, execute these commands as root:

cd /opt
tar xjf eupd14b3.tar.bz2  (provide the name of the downloaded file here)

The above packages include updated documentation manual in HTML, Info, and (for Windows versions) WinHelp formats. The revised manual is also available in PDF format.

Known Issues

Changes between Epsilon 13 and Epsilon 14 are listed separately.

New Since Beta 1

14 B3 Epsilon now completes on environment variable names in the process buffer. The process-completion-style variable has a new bit 16 which can be set to disable this.
14 B3 Tagging and displaying the current function's name work better with C++ template syntax. C, C++, and Java keywords added in more recent versions of those languages are now colored as keywords.
14 B3 Epsilon now tries to set the buffer directory of ssh and telnet buffers to a suitable scp or ftp URL, so that commands like find-file will prompt with a more useful default path. The new net-prompt-get-directory and net-prompt-pattern variables control this.
14 B3 The 64-bit version of Epsilon for Mac OS is now code-signed, and now requires OS X 10.9 or later. This required rearranging the file structure inside Epsilon's app bundle, and as a result, Epsilon's default search path for its files has changed on Mac OS.
14 B3 EEL's -v flag is more verbose about which specific files it's reading.
14 B3 Epsilon now recognizes that it should use shell mode for more types of files.
14 B3 The mouse now uses a pointer cursor for menus on non-Windows systems, and supports a few more cursor types.
14 B3 EEL programmers can use the new count_matches_in_buffer() subroutine.The concur_shell() primitive has a new flag for disabling its current-directory extraction feature.
14 B2 At file prompts, in addition to using environment variables, there are now shorthands for Windows shell folders and Epsilon's customization directory. Plus you can now define your own custom file and directory shorthands in a file. The file-interpret-env-vars variable has a new default and more bits defined, and the get_complete_environment() primitive, renamed get_substitution_variables(), now takes a flag argument.
14 B2 Epsilon can now search a file's hierarchy for .epsilon_vars files (see use-file-variables's new 8 bit to enable), and its syntax for file variable settings now permits (very simple) expressions, so you can (for example) set one indenting variable to be a multiple of another.
14 B2 The new file-variables-search-limit lets you set how close a "Local Variables:" line must be to the end of the file for Epsilon to recognize it. By default it must be within 3000 characters.
14 B2 The new grep-ignore-file-max-size variable limits the size of files grep will read to 2 GB.
14 B2 Epsilon's Linux packages now install by default to /opt instead of /usr/local. Epsilon's default search path now includes both locations.
14 B2 The Linux setup script now installs an updated Epsilon icon in various sizes into window manager menus.

Bug Fixes Since Beta 1

14 B3 The import-customizations command now retrieves customized colors in a different way and records them in a separate EEL file, fixing an issue with previous betas. And it now works properly under Mac OS X.
14 B3 Epsilon's documentation server now works around a Windows 10 issue that kept pages from displaying sometimes.
14 B3 The export-colors command no longer discards font styles.
14 B3 Spell mode's interface to the Mac OS X spell engine now works again.
14 B3 Epsilon's setup script for Unix-based systems should now work properly with more shells.
14 B3 In Epsilon for Windows, the color selection dialog no longer starts off with the wrong color.
14 B3 Epsilon could crash when creating a new buffer.
14 B2 Double-clicking the mouse would often appear as a single click in the 64-bit Mac OS X version.
14 B2 The dynamically linked Linux version of EEL failed to start due to a missing rpath.

Last Updated: 29 March 2020